Clients in the News: Archive

November 22, 2011
Scientia’s Harry Glorikian quoted in Genetics Engineering News, “Product and Service Firms Challenged by Uncertain NIH Funding, Polarization of Sequencing”

November 21, 2011
Mass High Tech:   Life science startup PhotOral Inc. signs  exclusive license with The Forsyth Institute for  blue-light  gum disease treatment device.  

October 1, 2011
 Business Outlook Magazine India Quotes Scientia Advisors on Anti-Aging Industry

September 07, 2011
Stock News Now Wire interviews Harry Glorikian on personalized medicine and the impact of sequencing on clinical decisions and therapeutics choices

July 22, 2011
GEN quotes Scientia’s  Harry Glorikian in article: “Concurrent Dx/Rx Review Will Require More Collaboration at FDA and More Outreach by Industry

June 16, 2011
BioPharm Insight quotes Scientia Advisors’ Jonathan Pan
Abigail Moss and Kimberly Ha

June 06, 2011
CNBC Quotes Bob Jones in article on “Top-Selling Superfoods

April 22, 2011
Boston Business Journal Quotes Patrick Terry in Federal budget cuts have small biotechs nervous

April 12, 2011
The Boston Globe Quotes Scientia Advisors in “Takeda’s Millennium buy a boost for both” 

March 28, 2011
The Health Care Blog Publishes Scientia’s post on “The Promise of Stem Cell Research

March 21, 2011
Boston Globe Quotes Harry Glorikian in “Patients Activists More Involved in Health Care

March 02, 2011
BioPharm Insight Quotes Jonathan Pan, Scientia Advisors, in articles on NPS’ Gattex and KV Pharmaceutical’s Makena

February 16, 2011
Boston Globe quotes Harry Glorikian in article on “Genzyme agrees to $20.1b sale to drug giant – Far-reaching deal for Mass. biotech”

February 03, 2011
European Biotechnology News Quotes Harry Glorikian in “Personalised Medicine: A new force for new biopharma deals

January 24, 2011
Scientia Advisors’ Market Numbers Referenced in GEN’S article “PerkinElmer Steps into DNA Sequencing Market”

January 21, 2011
Boston Business Journal Quotes Patrick Terry in Tougher FDA giving local biotechs headaches

January 14, 2011
Pharma/diagnostics partnerships becoming a “must have,” Harry Glorikian of Scientia Advisors tells Diagnostics Testing and Technology Report

January 07, 2011
Arshad Ahmed quoted in “Healthcare at Home” by The Deal

January 06, 2011
Predictions for 2011: Troublesome transition year for pharma-biotech players

December 08, 2010
GenomeWeb Quotes Patrick Terry in Payors Weigh in on Interface of Personalized Medicine and Comparative Effectiveness Research

November 17, 2010
EBD Group quotes Harry Glorikian in Stratified medicine moves out of R&D into business development

November 16, 2010
BioWorld Today Quotes Harry Glorikian in ‘Stratified Medicine’ Shatters Bio-Pharma Partnering Model
John Brosky

October 28, 2010
Bloomberg Businessweek Quotes Scientia Advisors’ Bob Jones in What’s Next in Superfoods
David Sax

October 28, 2010
Xconomy Quotes Scientia DNA Sequencing Market Numbers in PacBio IPO, Not Exactly the Netscape Moment of 2010, But a Win for Genomics
Luke Timmerman

October 27, 2010
Harry Glorikian Comments on the Cambridge Area’s Attractiveness to Pharmaceutical Companies in a Boston Globe Article on Novartis doubles plan for Cambridge
Casey Ross and Robert Weisman

October 14, 2010
MassDevice Quotes Harry Glorikian in Article Your genome will be part of your electronic medical record
MassDevice staff

October 01, 2010
Mass High Tech Quotes Harry Glorikian in Article on “Mass. drug companies drawing Japanese interest”
Julie M. Donnelly

September 11, 2010
Boston Globe quotes Harry Glorikian in article on “Genzyme to slash 1,000 positions – Worldwide cuts as firm fends off buyer”
Robert Weisman and Steven Syre, The Boston Globe

August 30, 2010
Boston Globe quotes Harry Glorikian in article on “Drug giant bids $18.5b for Genzyme”
Robert Weisman, The Boston Globe

August 18, 2010
International Business Times quotes Scientia Advisors’ DNA sequencing market numbers in “News galore at gene sequencing firms”

August 17, 2010
Reuters Quotes Scientia Advisors’ DNA Sequencing Market Numbers in Story About Pacific Biosciences filing for IPO
Liana B. Baker, Reuters

August 03, 2010
The Boston Globe quotes Harry Glorikian in “Genzyme’s in play, and it’s all about price”
Robert Weisman, The Boston Globe

July 30, 2010
Pharmalot: “Generic Lovenox & An FDA Precedent: Scientia’s Jonathan Pan Explains”
Ed Silverman, Pharmalot

July 15, 2010
Businessweek quotes Harry Glorikian in “The Race for Diagnostic Tests for Alzheimer’s”
Elizabeth Lopatto and Kanoko Matsuyama, Bloomberg Businessweek

July 09, 2010
Businessweek quotes Harry Glorikian in “GE, Bayer Loom Over Avid’s Lead in Creating Alzheimer’s Test”
Elizabeth Lopatto and Kanoko Matsuyama, Bloomberg Businessweek

July 06, 2010
GenomeWeb quotes Harry Glorikian in “M&A May Be on the Rebound in MDx, ‘Omics Tools”
Tony Fong, GenomeWeb

June 11, 2010
Scientia Partner Gives Interview to FOX Business News on Regenerative Medicine 

June 04, 2010
New Statesman quotes Harry Glorikian in “Pharma firms are increasingly seeking to outsource manufacturing”
New Statesman

June 02, 2010
Outsourcing-Pharma quotes Harry Glorikian in “Large pharma to boost CMOs’ biologics business; report”
Nick Taylor, Outsourcing-Pharma

June 02, 2010
The Boston Globe quotes Scientia’s partner in Covidien buys device maker for $2.6b – Deal for ev3 offers entry into lucrative vascular market
Robert Weisman, The Boston Globe

May 18, 2010
The triple play- With three blockbuster drugs, the future seems bright for biotech Biogen Idec
Robert Weisman, The Boston Globe

May 14, 2010
Drug Wars – How GSK is trying to reinvent itself as a pharmaceutical giant by using the acquisition model rather than relying on its R&D pipeline
Frank Vinluan, Triangle Business Journal

April 30, 2010
Boston Business Journal comments on Scientia’s growth in “Biotech cos. embrace a hiring culture”
Julie M. Donnelly, Boston Business Journal

April 27, 2010
Charles River to buy WuXi for $1.6b – Deal improves position in drug, biotech market
Robert Weisman, The Boston Globe

April 22, 2010
Regenerative Medicine to Be a $20 Billion Industry by 2025
Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed

April 12, 2010
Adoption of Telehealth Slowed By Payer Reimbursement Limits
Open Minds

March 30, 2010
Remote Health Management Market to Double in Next Five Years
Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed

March 26, 2010
RHM market to see big growth, as well as adoption roadblocks
Amanda Pedersen, Medical Device Daily

March 22, 2010
Medipacs’ Polymer Technology Positions Firm for Long-Term Growth
Daniel Pearson, San Diego Business Journal

March 18, 2010
GenomeWeb quotes Harry Glorikian in “Healthlinx Launches OvPlex in UK, Heating Up Race to Get Ovarian Cancer Dx to Market”
Tony Fong, GenomeWeb

March 17, 2010
Advances in Personalized Medicine 
The Editors, Bio*IT World

March 08, 2010
Money Health: Go East, Young Man? 
Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed

March 01, 2010
NUTRA Solutions quotes Bob Jones in “NUTRITIONAL Product Opportunities”
Claudia Dziuk O’Donnell, NUTRA Solutions

February 26, 2010
Growth Spurts Ahead for China’s IVD, HIT Markets
Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed

February 12, 2010
Report: China’s healthcare spending to reach $600B by 2015 
Omar Ford, Medical Device Daily Staff Writer

January 15, 2010
Drug Companies Likely To Stay Cautious On Large Biotech Deals – Dow Jonesarticle 
Tom Gyrta, Dow Jones

January 15, 2010
Biotech IPOs on the rise in Mass
Julie M. Donnelly, Mass High Tech

January 05, 2010
Government Funding, Technological Advances Transform Healthcare
Barbara DePompa, Federal Computer Week

December 24, 2009
HIT Fastest Growing Segment of Global Health Care Market 
Advance for Health Information Executives

December 02, 2009
State of the Industry Review
Rebecca Wright, Nutraceuticals World

December 01, 2009
H1N1 Boosts Development in Pharma Sector – Many Factors, Chief Among Them a Potential Pandemic, Are Fueling Vaccine Resurgence 
Rod Raynovich, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

November 11, 2009
HIT to Become a $60 B Market by 2013 
Brendon Nafziger, Writer, DOTmed

November 11, 2009
Boom Times For Health IT Sector: The healthcare IT marketplace is growing by 11% annually, which will likely continue through 2013, says a study from Scientia Advisors 
Mitch Wagner, Information Week

November 10, 2009
Healthcare Finance News–Consultant: Healthcare IT market to grow 11 percent per year through 2013 
Bernie Monegain, Contributing Editor, Healthcare Finance News

November 09, 2009
Cosmetics Design–Massive growth in cosmeceuticals leads to ingredients shortage 
Simon Pitman, Cosmetics Design

November 06, 2009
The London Independent–As populations age, demand for ‘cosmeceuticals’ expected to rise 
The London Independent

November 05, 2009
Medical Device Daily–Scientia Study shows selfcare growing for delivery devices 
Omar Ford, Staff Writer, Medical Device Daily

November 02, 2009
Featured Article: Pharmacogenomics 
Jeffrey M. Perkel, Biocompare

October 23, 2009
Confusing Choices for Doctors and Type 2 Diabetes Patients:
Drugs in development and on the market are dogged by serious side effects. 

Patricia F. Dimond Ph.D., Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

October 22, 2009
Scientia comments on vaccine industry for CBS Evening News 
Jim Axelrod, CBS News

October 21, 2009
Fierce Vaccines–Swine flu hands vax industry $7B windfall 
John Carroll, Fierce Vaccines

October 21, 2009
Boston Globe–For drug makers, a shot in the arm: The quest for an H1N1 vaccine has been good business for some firms 
Robert Weisman, Boston Globe

September 22, 2009
GenomeWeb–CombiMatrix Hires Baird to Provide ‘Strategic Advice’ in Buyers’ Market 
GenomeWeb Staff, GenomeWeb

September 21, 2009
GenomeWeb: ProteoMonitor–Recent Deals Suggest Proteomics, Life-Science Markets May be Poised to Renew M&A Activity 
ProteoMonitor Staff, GenomeWeb

September 16, 2009
GenomeWeb: ProteoMonitor–Tale of Danaher: From Crippled Real Estate Investment Trust to Mass Spec Top Banana 
Tony Fong, GenomeWeb

September 01, 2009
Biomedical Business & Technology–Harry Glorikian, Consulting firm founder, Helping mold the future for med-tech firms 
Jim Stommen, Contributing Editor, Biomedical Business & Technology

August 31, 2009
LA Times–Medical testing in your home: Forget the office visit. Home-health exams can save time and money, and give patients some control. 
Kathleen Kelleher, LA Times

August 22, 2009
Medical Device Daily–Growing neurostimulation sector is opportunity for device makers
Lynn Yoffee, Medical Device Daily

August 19, 2009
The Marker — Who will gain from the chronic problems of the US? (trans.) 
Paz Vaysman, The Marker

August 14, 2009
Mass High Tech–Life sciences startups launching despite recession 
Julie M. Donnelly, Mass High Tech

July 28, 2009
Medical Device Daily–Consulting firm head sees opportunity in reform effort 
Jim Stommen, Medical Device Daily Contributing Writer

July 27, 2009
Agilent Plans to Buy Varian for $1.5 Billion to Expand Footprint in Life Sciences 
Tony Fong, Genome Web

June 25, 2009
Medical Device Daily–Scientia says opportunities abound in peripheral sector 
Jim Stommen, Executive Editor

June 24, 2009
Xconomy — Biogen and Fellow Boston-Area Biotechs Ready for Biogenerics 
Ryan McBride, Xconomy

May 26, 2009
BioWorld — Patents: Lifeblood of Biotech or a Cancer to Innovation?
Anette Breindl, BioWorld: Financial Watch

May 08, 2009
Science interviews Harry Glorikian in 
Jeffrey M. Perkel, Science

April 01, 2009
MDx will drive personalized medicine 
Vicki Glaser, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

March 10, 2009
Scientia, a Life Sciences Management Consulting Firm, Provides Answers, Not Questions 
Wade Roush, Xconomy

March 06, 2009
The Wall Street Journal uses Scientia Advisors’ medical device market growth estimates 
Alicia Mundy, The Wall Street Journal

February 02, 2009
When drugs get personal
Med Ad News

January 14, 2009
Expert: Diagnostics could increase drugmakers’ revenue 
BIO SmartBrief

January 13, 2009
New Personalized Medicine Model Proposed 
United Press International

January 05, 2009
Principal Bob Jones interviewed on Public Radio International’s 
Lisa Mullins, PRI’s The World

January 05, 2009
Bob Jones of Scientia Advisors Discusses the Growth of the Functional Foods Market 
Dan Mitchell, BNET Food