Web & Content Strategy

Today, nearly  anyone with a cell phone or computer can send messages into the world–and seemingly simple blogging platforms allow companies to do away with many traditional print marketing materials.

But while new Web structures provide fantastic options for reaching markets and audiences, they also bring up complicated questions–beyond what to say, in what tone, in which style, and to whom.  We are experts at content strategy: that is, helping to determine:

  • How should your materials be structured?
  • What visual impact should your site have?
  • Which–and how much–information belongs on the home page? Sub pages?  Landing pages?
  • Should your site include audio? Video?
  • Will your site include  a blog? Multiple blogs?
  • Will you be offering products, services or information , articles or reports for sale or free download?
  • Who will update your site? How often?
  • Should it be built with WordPress? Drupal? Joomla? A proprietary platform?
  • How will you encourage visits to your site? “Stickiness” once people arrive there?

With deep experience in print, radio, television and Internet media, HarrisCom founder Anita Harris expertly guides companies through  the complex process of building  and running a  Web site.  This may involve:

  • Choosing developers and designers
  • Determining corporate messaging and the  navigational structure
  • Writing content and providing photographic and visual materials
  • Ensuring search engine optimization
  • Usability testing

Her Web clients include: eCommerce, technology, social media and biotechnology companies; nonprofit organizations, and medical centers.