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40% off Sept. 24 Sleek writing workshop for Harris Communications Group friends!

Our colleague Christina Inge is offering a 40% discount for her September 24  writing workshop to HarrisCom friends–Our codeword is HARRIS.  Great if you’d come…and help spread the word!

–Anita Harris, Managing Director, Harris Communications Group
The Harris Communications Group is an award-winning public relations firm based in Cambridge, MA.


Attend Sleek’s Business Writing Bootcamp
September 24th, Impact Hub Boston
It’s looking to be a busy September here in Boston! In your busy day, is writing a chore you struggle with? A lot of business and nonprofit professionals struggle to put words on paper or pixels.The idea is in your mind, but how do you get those ideas written clearly–and more importantly, so that you convince customers? 
Our experts will show you how to write every kind of business content better, with more confidence!
Get your tickets today and bring your professional writing skills up to the next level.
We really hope to see you there!
Christina Inge & The Sleek Marketing Team
A Full Day of Sessions to Improve Your Writing:
In this nuts-and-bolts session, Jeff Cutler will transform the lecture hall into a working content lab where the entire class will participate to create content for an imaginary (or real) organization. You’ll collaboratively come up with the strategy, ideas and execution necessary to reach content consumers.

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“How To Write Killer Subject Lines & Get Results!”
Get their attention – get in the door – and get the response you desire. Whether you are trying to get read, realize revenue, increase your reach or inspire referrals, your subject lines are a key to your success! We’ll show you how to unlock that digital door!
Core Value PR: How to Create a Brand That’s True to Who You Are
Discover your core values and make them part of your brand personality online and offline. Learn how to blend your message and image authentically – and with power – so you can meet your marketing and PR goals.