The Harris Communications Group has won numerous awards for client work.

Best National Press Release

  • “Forsyth Researchers Regenerate Mammalian Teeth,”  described how Forsyth Institute scientists used tissue engineering techniques to grow porcine teeth in rat hosts. The release and our outreach efforts garnered articles and broadcasts in hundreds of news outlets, worldwide and  led to numerous funding and collaboration possibilities for the Institute and for the scientists.
  •   “Rotational Oscillational Toothbrushes Best at Releasing Plaque, Gingivitis, ”  sent on behalf of the Forsyth Center for Evidence-based Dentistry and The Cochrane Collaboration,  described the results of a 37-year restrospective review of clinical trial results by the Cochrane Collaboration Oral Health Group, based in Manchester, England.    The release garnered attention in at least 165 news outlets worldwide; educated the public about about the best evidence on tooth brushing methods; and led to industry initiatives to improve product testing methods.The effort also resulted in $2M in financing for the Forsyth Center and for a demonstration project providing 1200 Massachusetts children with free preventive dental care.
  • “Forsyth Scientists Progress Toward Vaccine To Prevent Dental Cavities ”  garnered worldwide media coverage; educated the public about the infectious nature of dental disease; increased Forsyth’s visibility, and enhanced funding and corporate partnership opportunities for the researchers

Community Service Campaign Merit Award

  • Forsyth Kids  Campaign  With the Forsyth  Institute development team, we shared a Community Service Campaign Merit Award for a campaign  we used media outreach and radio ads to search for some half -a-million Bostonians treated, as children, in the Institute’s  dental clinic between 1900 and 1960. A goal of the campaign was to enlist support for a multi-facted program aimed at stemming the current crisis in children?s oral health.


  •  Critical Path  Initiative Event  was a half-day conference  we conceived and organized to  enhance the visibility of a contract research organization seeking to enter the pharmaceutical arena.   At the event,  held at and advertised by the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, an FDA Commissioner addressed an audience of  approximately 40 Massachusetts pharmaceutical executives.  Our client then moderated an expert panel, after which the executives took part in tape-recorded round table discussions.  The MBC then sent the tapes to the FDA–for inclusion as comments on a controverisal initiative aimed at encouraging companies to share information in order to speed up drug development.
  •   “Forsyth Scientists Find Blue Light Combats Gum Disease Culprits,”  was a press release describing the discovery that light in the blue region of the visible spectrum can be used to selectively eradicate bacteria associated with destructive gum disease.  Forsyth scientists were developing a handheld, light-based consumer device to allay or combat periodontal infections that lead to loss of teeth and bone in millions of individuals, worldwide.The release garnered coverage in more than 350 news outlets and led to dozens of collaboration and commercialization inquiries and opportunities for Forsyth, an Boston biomedical organization.
  • ” Launches Anonymous Mailing Service for ‘Wickedly Funny’ Greeting Cards,  was a press release written and sent on behalf of  Joss Productions, a Los Angeles company  using  the slogan,  “When you care enough to send the very worst”.  The release, combined with our outreach, led to interviews and stories in television, radio and print outlets, worldwide.
  • Rotational Oscillational Toothbrushes Best at Releasing Plaque, Gingivitis ( as described above).