PR: Anita Harris Profiled in Life Science Foundation Magazine

Anita M. Harris

Anita M. Harris

Harris Communications Group Managing Director Anita Harris was profiled recently in a Life Science Foundation Magazine issue devoted to “The Changing Face of Biotechnology.”

Published in November, 2014, the issue features  female leaders in  the life sciences and biotechnology.”  It describes described such leaders as “a minority for the present, but role models for the next generation, which may come to inhabit organizations with very different cultural and demographic features.

The issue tells the stories of such renowned biotech leaders as Venture Capitalist Annette -Campbell White; Linda Sontag, the first female CEO of a public biotech company; Alison Taunton Rigby, who served a C-levels at major biotech companies.

It also includes profiles of  “role models”as as Abigail Barrow, foundeng direcgor of the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center, and Nancy CHang, President of Apex Enterprises.

It describes Harris as  a role model who  witnessed the origins of the biotech industry as a health, science, and technology reporter for the MacNeil/Lehrer Report (now the NewsHour) on PBS.
“In the early 1980s, she prepared stories about recombinant DNA, the genetic modification of food crops, and patents on genes. She later worked in public affairs at Harvard, and taught communications at Harvard, Yale, and Simmons College.”

The profile also  points out that Harris is the author of Ithaca Diaries, a social history of college in the 1960s, and of Broken Patterns: Professional Women and the Quest for a New Feminine Identity, which is concerned with impact of rapid technological change on generations and gender.

The issue is available at      . Harris’ profile is on page 34.

The Life Science Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on “educating and inspiring curious minds with the history and continuing significance of biotechnology. The foundation is collecting, preserving and sharing firsthand information about the people, organizations and discoveries that define biotechnology and reshape our world.”

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