Case Study: Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts

Newspaper Placement

More than 25 years ago, three mothers whose children had sustained severe brain injuries founded the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts (BIAMA). Their goal was provide support, prevention education, and lobbying services on behalf of a population that is largely hidden and profoundly underserved.

Over the years, the organization?s programs burgeoned to the point where BIAMA now serves as the model state brain injury association for the nation. However, until recently, BIAMA had never been featured in a large newspaper and remained relatively unknown outside of brain injury circles. The organization asked Anita Harris Communications to help increase BIAMA?s visibility among the general population.

Through a pitch to a reporter, we placed a major story featuring the organization?s “Founding Mothers” in the Lifestyle Section of the Boston Globe.

The article, “A Tragic Bond,” by Don Aucoin, ran on October 24, 2006 in conjunction with a statewide BIAMA conference on preventing brain injuries in high school sports–and garnered numerous inquiries. By highlighting the work of BIAMA’s founders and the tragedy of their (now adult) children?s lives, the article supported the organization’s mission by educating the general public about the need for brain injury prevention and services.

The Globe article serves as a centerpiece for the organization?s fundraising and outreach activities, according to  BIAMA Executive Director Arlene Korab.