Case Study: MIT Convergence Report, 2016

MIT Dome

MIT Dome

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  asked Harris Communications Group managing director Anita Harris to assist former MIT President Susan Hochfield, Nobel Prize winner, BioGen founder Phillip Sharp and Koch Institute Director Tyler Jacks  in writing a report aimed at furthering Convergence research in the US.  The goal of the report,  entitled “Convergence: The Future of Health,”   was to accelerate an ongoing “Convergence revolution” by encouraging policy and funding changes in the federal government and in universities.

What is the Convergence revolution?

In this revolution, physical scientists, engineers and information technologists working in life science fields are potentially transforming biomedicine, health and many other aspects of human existence.

The report, “Convergence: the Future of Health,” was based on  presentations from top scientists, doctors, medical researchers, industry experts, foundation leaders and government officials who spoke at workshops held in Cambridge, MA, and Washington DC– amplified with personal interviews and secondary research.

Harris, aided by MIT graduate and post doctoral students, wrote the sections covering education and policy. A  second author,  Al Hammond, a former editor at Science Magazine, wrote the scientific and technical sections.  Linda Grace-Kobas, former Cornell University News Director and a member of the Harris Communications Group, served as copy editor.  Kate Stoll of the MIT Washington office was the project manager.

“Convergence: the Future of Health,”   released on June 23, 2016, was discussed at a forum held in  at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC, on June 23.

The Convergence Report is available at .   An earlier report, “The Convergence Revolution,”  was published by MIT in 2011.

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