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July  8 and 13, 2016
Spectrum and Kaiser Health News:
Convergence Science Has Potential to Accelerate Research to Product Pipeline

June 23, 2016
MIT News

September 10, 2015
BioCentury Innovations

Undiscovered country: NuGen Technologies’ RNA sequencing method finds rare cancer gene fusions

August 28, 2015
Silicon Valley Business Journal
NuGEN Technologies Drives for Fast,  precise Sample Prep for Targeted Genetic Analysis

August 5, 2015
Medical Laboratory Observer: Labline
NuGEN launches enhanced target enrichment technology allowing more comprehensive and efficient NGS analysis

July 16, 2015
Genome Web
RUCDR, PreAnalytix, NuGen Validate RNA-seq Workflow for Human Whole Blood Samples

July 1, 2015
Genome Web
NuGEN Publishes Details of Its Fundamental Single Primer Target Enrichment MethodNuGEN Publishes Details of Its Fundamental Single Primer Target Enrichment Method

November 10, 2012
TauRx in Wall Street Journal
Profile of CEO Claude Wischik in “An Outcast Among Peers Gains Traction on Alzheimer’s Cure

by Jeanne Whalen (placement by Harriscom/SciAd partner MediciGlobal).

Asia Pharma review
BioWorld Today
Alzheimer’s Research Forum
Trends in Medicine

November 22, 2011
Scientia’s Harry Glorikian quoted in Genetics Engineering News, “Product and Service Firms Challenged by Uncertain NIH Funding, Polarization of Sequencing”

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