EuphorbUS Tree-Based Biofuel Co to Open US HQ in Portland, Me

Operating in East Africa since 2007 , will expand pure plant oil biofuel (PPOB ) operations in US

Boston, August 22—-Oil seed tree-based biofuel company EuphorbUS today announced that it is expanding its global operations to main land United States.

The company, a New England Regional Semifinalist in the Clean Tech Open,  will  transfer of agro forestry protocols to Portland, ME, upon completion of a networked strategic alliance with industry, academia, and public sector partners, said Christine Adamow, the EurophorbUS CEO.

Incorporated in Delaware in 2008, EuphorbUS completed research and development and has been producing price competitive pure plant oil biofuel  (PPOB™) for the residential markets in three East African countries.

The company manufactures a renewable, low cost, plant-based fuel oil in Kenya for the East African market.  The fuel  is used to replace petroleum diesel for trucks, farm equipment and industrial and small residential units. It is produced from oil extracted from widely available nuts of the Croton tree. The tree and others of its species are indigenous to 5 regions of the world—including Africa, Australasia, Indonesia, South America, and the US Mid-west and Pacific Islands.

The fuel is cost competitive with petroleum diesel, burns cleaner than petroleum based fuel, and  can be used with little to no modification for most engines. It has been used  for centuries in rural regions of the world, and is derived from trees which are not cut to harvest the oil seeds, Adamow said.   The extraction and production technology is “exceptional ” n that no chemical inputs are required and the processing facility is self-powered with biomass and fuel produced by the company, making the East African factory “fully rationalized” for cost and carbon savings.

“The world is facing rapidly rising costs and depletion of standard fossil fuels, increasing pollution, and a growing need for affordable, clean, safe, and scalable energy to supply the world’s burgeoning economies,” Adamow said. “We are excited to bring our experience in emerging markets and our globally tested technology to the US market, where we can leverage the past 7 years of boots on the ground in East Africa to the US.”

Short term, EuphorbUS will prepare tree protocols for two additional tree species currently cultivated and sold in the US as ornamentals.  The company will simultaneously develop a turnkey solution for improved land usage for unproductive and marginal land in several regions of the US.

“From our years of experience we know that the local market is our sweet spot and a regional production farming model will deliver results for all stakeholders,” Adamow said.  “We expect to enter the US market with a turnkey operation to assist land owners interested in new markets and better return on existing land use though an agroforestry bioenergy planting program.”

EuphorbUS made its announcement as part of the Clean Tech Open in Boston, Massachusetts.

EuphorbUS is a US Delaware company which grows oil seed trees and produces pure plant oil biofuel (PPOB™).


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