PR-New Dynamics Priming Growth in Global Vaccine Market, Scientia Advisors Finds

October 6, 2009

Big pharma should pay heed to national immunization programs, therapeutic vaccines, new biotechs

Cambridge, MA and Palo Alto, CA—- Technological breakthroughs, national immunization programs and emerging vaccines for treating, rather than preventing, disease are priming the global vaccine market for growth.

So said Harry Glorikian, managing partner of Scientia Advisors, who today announced the results of an in-depth study of the changing vaccine market.

Scientia, based in Cambridge, MA and Palo Alto, CA, is a global management consulting firm specializing in growth strategies for major and emerging companies

?Novel vaccine design and delivery methods  are changing vaccine industry dynamics,? Glorikian said. ?Large pharmaceutical companies, which today dominate 90 per cent of the current market, should expect increased competition as more small biotechnology companies enter the global marketplace. Vaccine-related companies of every size must understand varying government and global policies, price-setting, and manufacturing standards and should be prepared for sensitive economies of scale.?

The study describes the players and prospects for a variety of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines; the status of  global initiatives to develop vaccines to combat the world?s deadliest diseases;  and regulatory and reimbursement trends in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

The study, funded by Scientia itself, is based on extensive primary and secondary research and proprietary analytic methods. ?Our studies allow us to provide strategic advice that is deeper, more defensible and more expansive than that offered elsewhere,? Glorikian said. ?We are pleased to share our insights with clients and prospective clients and to discuss companies? strategic planning needs.?

The review is available for download from Scientia?s Web site

Scientia Advisorsbased in Cambridge, MA, and Palo Alto, CA,  is a global management consulting firm specializing in growth strategies for major and emerging companies in health care and the life sciences, worldwide.